While calculating equations and inputting values on his calculator, Kiyo kept his eye on Sherry. It’s not that he didn’t have trust in her, of course. After all they’ve been through with the whole mamodo battle business, there’s no way he wouldn’t trust her. But still. Kiyo couldn’t help but feel there was something very dangerous about her presence, despite how she seemed to be so relaxed.

He didn’t need to actually see which book she was reading to know which one it was. He immediately recognized it. “You planning on staying the night, in that case? It’s a very text-heavy book. I would know; I’ve read it from cover to cover three times.”

"hey zatch HOENN CONFIRMED" says kiyo

"i can’t fucking believe it kiyo" says zatch

"I'm teasing, relax. I know you're married to your books," she smirked. Sherry sat primly on Kiyo's bed and cracked open one of said books. "I guess if there's nothing better to do..." She absentmindedly stroked the spine of the book and peered down at it from underneath her long lashes.

Kiyo returned to his desk to resume what he was working on before Sherry arrived. With her frequent visits (more frequent than expected considering that she lived on another continent), along with the frequent visits of his other friends and ex-book owners, he was used to being interrupted from those that weren’t Zatch or Ponygon.

Picking up his pencil, he turned around to look at Sherry. Having her sitting on his bed giving that look made him nervous. Thinking it was ridiculous that this was making him nervous, looking back at all of the truly nerve wracking situations he had been put in throughout his life, he tried not to show it. Perhaps conversation would calm his nerves. “So,” he began, “Which book is that?” 

"I'm boreddd. Entertain me."

"You know where I keep all of my textbooks. Go grab one and read it."

shows up at your doorstep. 'hey kiyo's mom, it's me again, your future daughter-in-law. i'll just be in your son's room, yell really loudly if you need us. ignore the whip in my hand it's for self-protection. i love you!'

"Sherry, I know that my mom is very welcoming of having guests over, but… hey, wait— daughter-in-law?! Where in the world are you getting THAT idea from?!”


"You wouldn’t be overusing it.  You’re always finding an excuse not to use the answer talker so using it for anything would be good practice at this point."

"I knew you were going to say that."   There was a moment where he would never have been able to see himself standing half naked in the bathroom with Kiyo.  Where even his answer talker wouldn’t see it because that future couldn’t exist yet.  And yet here he was all the same, stuck in his own kind of routine with Kiyo.  For some reason, Dufort found this more entertaining than his old life ever was.  This was one of the few things that he had yet to figure out.

He waited to finish undressing and turned the water on.  It would be better to wait until the water heated up anyway.

"Is there anything you don’t know what I’m going to say ahead of time,” Kiyo blandly said while unbuttoning his shirt. “And they’re not excuses! I know the focus of my training for the past few months has been to master my answer talker, but I’m not going to be using it for a replacement of a mundane activity I can do on my own. Not to mention, in case you haven’t noticed from the books all around the house, I like reading.”

Now standing completely naked, Kiyo felt a sudden chill. “Is the water warm yet? I’m getting cold.” 


Dufort paused in unbuttoning his shirt to turn and stare at Kiyo.  His eyes trailed down to the newspaper that lay discarded on the floor.  He frowned.  “Why do you have that thing?  You have the answer-talker.  There’s no need to waste your time reading that thing.”

He shrugged off his shirt and started taking off his pants.  “There’s no point in doing that.  I could wait, but it doesn’t really matter when I take a shower.”

Kiyo didn’t even glance away. He was too used to seeing Dufort’s shirtless body by this point.

"Just because I have the answer talker doesn’t mean that I’m going to use it for every little thing. For my unstable ability especially, you know how it’s not a good idea for me to over use it."

He’s played games like this with Dufort before. Despite explaining the rules to his house before numerous times, he knew he would never win. “If you want to play that game, fine.” He stopped fidgeting with the button on his pants and let them drop to the floor like he did with the newspaper. “I’ll shower with you. It’ll save water that way, anyways.”

who wants dick


sherry’s eyes gleam in interest.  a competition.

[inserts entire lollipop into mouth]

He pulled out a gun and shot Sherri. Then he ate the Dark Mamodo’s book.


[stares intently and slowly takes the lollipop into her mouth]

kiyo interprets this as a sign of challenge. he knows he’s the main character and therefore cannot lose. [licking of book intensifies]

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